This Digital Photographic Consultation form is divided into 4 Steps:

Step 1: Personal Information
Step 2: Sending photos and previous reports â–ş You are here
Step 3: Confirmation and Payment
Step 4: Await Clinic Notification (maximum 10 business days)

To conduct your personalized diagnosis, we need you to provide at least one photo from each perspective shown in the following example.
Important Note: You can either send the photos through this form or later via, indicating your ID number in the subject line.

➊-➋-③-④ Digital Photographic Consultation Rhinoplasty

    Attach your photos:

    Reference diagram image

    - The photo should clearly show the area to be treated
    - Use a smooth, preferably dark background
    - Take the photos from a minimum distance of one and a half meters
    - Ensure that the focus is correct
    - Send the photos in the highest possible quality (Maximum 3 Mb per photo) If you have higher quality photographs, please send to indicating your ID in the subject line
    - Please note that if the photo quality is insufficient, we may not be able to perform the simulation. In such situations, we recommend considering the option of going to a professional photography studio

    Provide the report:

    If you have trouble attaching the report, you can send it later by email to, indicating your ID in the subject.

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