The face is the result of the union of different structural subunits (Chin, cheek or malar, nose, jaw, orbits…). The lack of harmony between these structures, either congenital or by aging, alter the facial aesthetic appearance. Therefore, by modifying some of them with facial implants will be able to improve the relationship between them and, therefore, the facial aesthetics. The most common techniques are increasing malar and Chin.

Is the surgery that I want? Is this surgery effective?

If you have any disproportion between different facial structures can have indication. In addition, this surgery can be done individually or together with other aesthetic procedure.

Implantes faciales para mujer Clínica de cirugía plástica Dr Guilarte

Implantes faciales para hombre Clínica de cirugía estética Dr Guilarte

Surgery and Anesthetics

These procedures from face implants should be performed in a hospital or clinic, under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia and sedation. Furthermore this surgical procedure would be done on an outpatient way, that is, in a few hours you can go to your house. Areas or structures that can be improved are:

CHIN : through an oral incision ( inside the mouth) or through a cutaneous incision under the chin, we will introduce an implant to increase the projection of this and thus improve its relationship with other structures, especially the lip and nose.

MALAR or CHEEKBONE: we make an mouth incision, we introduce an implant at cheek level increasing projection and volume of the cheekbones.

JAW: with an oral incision we introduce an implant getting a jaw strong, broad and strong. This procedure has indication especially in men

After surgery (post-operative)

You can have mild discomfort, not pain, easily treatable with oral analgesics.

It is very important to take the antibiotic that is prescribed you in order to avoid infection of the implant. You can return to work about a week after being operated.implantes.

During the first few days you can feel swelling in the treated areas. You should wait until inflammation is decreased.

You should wait 3-4 months for a definitive result.

Implantes faciales en Madrid/ Clínica Dr Guilarte, clínica de cirugía estética

General or local + sedation
Duration of the procedure:
1 hour
Discharge in the afternoon (outpatient operation)
You must wait:
The inflammation may remain for weeks by the implants
Final Resoult:
Immediate, although the inflammation will not disappear completely until 6 months
Duration of the result:


Sometimes the implant can move, so it will be extremely important to wear the bandage that we provide to you. Areas with a lower sensitivity may appear but this will be transient. There is also a small risk of infection because of this you should take antibiotics.