First visit

During this initial consultation where we analyze together with you that aspect which is concerned and that is susceptible of improvement. It will be the doctor Guilarte, specialist in plastic surgery, who listens to you. We will have to meet with the greatest certainty your purpose to improve your appearance. This is why the success of any intervention of aesthetic plastic surgery is tremendously conditioned by the doctor-patient communication. By this we mean that we will have to know the reasons that have you led to take the decision to undergo surgery.

Once heard and understood your concerns will proceed to physical examination, where we will explain your own anatomy and we will analyze its concern. Straightaway, It will be exposed the technique or procedure that suits you (your indication), what is the meaning of surgical procedure and we will resolve any questions that you may have about the same.

Equally important is the realization of a complete medical history that you remember or do not pass unnoticed any of their background or diseases.

Once we have finished with all of the above, we will analyze your wishes and the method we are going to follow in order to satisfy them. This is because the information will be individualized, depending on your needs and the situation that we start.

Second visit or Confirmation visit

This second visit will clarify all the doubts that have been able to arise from the previous consultation with the doctor. Once we have cleared all doubts shall be taking pictures to review the procedure.

In addition to taking pictures, we will be taking measures to analyze the area of your body we are going to intervene, your anatomy, and we can thus explain more thoroughly in what will be your operation. The correct planning of any operation is vital to ensure a good result.

Also, you will be given a folder where you can find all the care pre and post-operative, that it must be completed, as well as all those normal symptoms that may occur.

It will be then when we will set a day with you and our team of anesthesia, with the purpose of make the study of preoperative, indispensable for any surgical procedure with guarantees.


All surgical interventions require an analysis of the patient and a completely INDIVIDUALIZED planning. Therefore, during any of the consultations more detailed information will be given and all doubts will be clarified. Check all the information that is delivered to you and write all the questions that arise you with the objective of solve it.


Any surgical technique is preceded by some sort of emotional reaction. Although surgical interventions can be a relief, the psychological suffering and the preoperative stress can delay the postoperative recovery. In the full knowledge of that situation, besides we will indicate you what the meaning of surgery is, we will deliver to you a dossier where it is indicated all normal and abnormal symptoms that you may feel. In this way we will avoid the feelings of uncertainty which precede and continue to the surgery because you will be aware at all times what you can feel and do. It is enormously beneficial having this type of information so that you have a better and shorter postoperative.

The purpose of the pre-operative study, both by our anesthesiologist and by Dr. Guilarte, will be to achieve that it is in ideal condition prior to your surgery.

You can talk with our patients who have had similar experiences, ask our patients about our method, in which way they used the information of the dossier of pre and post-operative care and which was the most difficult part, so this way you will be prepared better for your surgery.

Pre-operative study

In the pre-operative consultation will take place a clinic history in which you will be asked by your backgrounds. In general, the preoperative study consists of a conventional analytical, a study of coagulation and an electrocardiogram.

In addition, sometimes it is required of a chest x-ray (especially in older than 45 years, smokers or previous pulmonary Pathology).


All our patients are anesthetized under the same team of anesthesiologists in which we place our trust. The reason for this is the patient’s safety and the quality of anesthesia.

They have developed policies and actions related to the safety of patients, with special emphasis on the prevention and control of intraoperative complications.

We have as custom that those procedures that require general anesthesia make it through LMA, laryngeal mask airway, so we do not have the necessity of make an endotracheal intubation as in the past.

In addition the modern anesthetic agents we use, such as isoflurane, sevoflurane, fentanyl and propofol have invalidated the objections that patients were indicating before facing general anesthesia given that we have greater control in their blood pressure, a decrease in the risk of bleeding and edema, decreased of cardiac irritability… Besides, the maintenance of hemodynamic parameters suitable for the surgery can prevent post-operative deterioration.