Dr. Guilarte (plastic surgeon) founded the clinic of plastic surgery that bears his name. Committed to offer a change to their patients, expanding the scope of plastic surgery, is engaged by using the most advanced and innovative techniques at the beginning of the aesthetic treatments with naturalness.

After completing his residency, MIR, in the La Paz University Hospital (Madrid), as well as his thesis at the Autonomous University of Madrid, perfected and sped his knowledge in aesthetic plastic surgery through stays in the USA, Brazil and France most prestigious centers, while the extensive training to optimize their skills.

Currently in private practice, the doctor relies on sharing the secrets, expose the truths and dispel the myths and misconceptions about plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Degree in medicine and surgery by the University of the Basque country with the qualification of outstanding.
  • Doctor in medicine and surgery at the Autonomous University of Madrid with a mark of outstanding “CUM LAUDE".
  • Dr. Guilarte is specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, vía MIR,, through MIR, by the University Hospital La Paz in Madrid (Serv. plastic surgery and Burns).
  • Cirujano Plástico responsable de la Reconstrucción Mamaria de la Unidad de la Mama del Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Madrid.
  • Dr. Guilarte is member of the Spanish society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (SECPRE).
  • Dr. Guilarte is member of the Spanish Association for the prevention of surgical risk (ASEPRO).
  • He has been awarded with the international prize of residents of plastic and aesthetics surgery of the FILACP (Ibero-Latinoamericana Federation of plastic surgery).



Select a plastic surgeon

Decide to submit yourself to a plastic surgery can be a huge and difficult decision. In addition, selecting the right plastic surgeon for your needs is a decision to take equally stressful.

Today, more than ever, the decision to choose a plastic surgeon should be with the highest care. In recent years, the media have documented cases of doctors, who make all kind of operations of aesthetics without be plastic surgeons, through doctors without the specialty of general surgery, to people without even the title of medicine… Any cosmetic procedure or cosmetic surgery, as long as it is done correctly, requires a complex and precise technique that can interfere with your life the next years.

Your result will be directly proportional to the qualification, training and method of your plastic surgeon, combined with an open and honest interview of this.


To perform any of these procedures to the highest level, three fundamental aspects are needed: surgical technique, aesthetic judgment and a rigorous program of surgical training, since we can only achieve what we know. To perform cosmetic procedures to the highest level, it is not only necessary to make a plastic surgery residency at a hospital, but that it is also necessary to know the technique of each plastic surgeon in the type of surgery in which you are interested.

However, in real practice, a part of meticulousness that does not guarantee our surgical skill it is also essential more: our size and our aesthetic creativity. They are these two key points that eventually will determine our future as a surgeon, our results and ultimately, our practice in general.


Find our surgeon

Do not confuse yourself; the choice of your plastic surgeon is fundamentally a personal decision. I will however, give you some recommendations which I hope will help you in your choice.

  • Require the Title of Specialist and hospital where he studied his Residency in Plastic Surgery. To do so you can query on the page of the official College of physicians, since it is information that is available to everyone and I think that it is your duty as a patient make use of that right.
  • Certify that your surgeon is member of the SECPRE. To be member of the SECPRE will certify that their qualification is valid, not ensuring you that the SECPRE surgeons are best of Spain, but that who will operate on you is a titled plastic surgeon.
  • Publications. It is very important that your surgeon be author of publications in medical journals, which can give you an idea of its prestige and professionalism, considering that while attending to congresses only requires a signature for enrollment, a publication of this type need of acceptance by a publishing Court.
  • Be sure that your surgeon has training in cosmetic surgery. The training system for residents only consists of 3 months in aesthetics in a 5-year residency program. It is important that your surgeon is concerned about training in this field, either abroad or with surgeons who are dedicated to the aesthetics.
  • Patients recommendation.The best reference of a plastic surgeon is given by their patients. Each surgeon has a line of work, a good result can be measured in very different ways by different people; you must find a surgeon in accordance with your criteria.
  • Perfection. Perfection means organization and meticulousness. The surgeon that values you must expose you and indicate you an exhaustive surgical plan. It will surprise you to know the number of measures to be taken to plan a surgery. Also, make sure that the surgeon, who is going to operate you, is the same that is going to value yourself during first consultation.
  • Funding. Do not trust on credit terms or centers where they not charge the initial consultation. An assessment made by a good specialist requires an approximate time of one hour, and naturally, you must pay a fee for that consultation. You do not have to think that by having a good financing or payment facilities, the skills of the surgeon will be best.
  • Communication. You have to find a surgeon who understands you and who can speak to you, this synchrony is essential so that the surgeon can understand the result you are looking for.
  • Hospital. Your surgeon must operate in a good clinical and preferably better in a hospital, not in a query or in centers without any prestige.
  • Patience A procedure is rarely an urgency. You must read well the information given to you by your surgeon and you do not have to care if you ask for a second consultation.

My concept of plastic surgery

“Cosmetic Surgery is the surgery of harmony, good taste and beauty. Surgeons first have to train his hands in the practice of general surgery. Then they must further refine their talents and techniques such as plastic surgeon and thus combine their artistic abilities with Scientific knowledge’s. In this way, the surgeon assesses the capacity of tissues to resist the surgical action to be “sculpted”. But the aesthetic feelings can only be acquired with intense acts of seeing, listen, feel and study. This is why plastic surgery is surgery experience, wisdom and personal fulfilment”.