Where in the face can we apply botox?
The most common area is that known as superior or higher tired, which is the space between eyebrows i n order to avoid the typical angriness wrinkles.

When will the results start to be seen?
You will have to wait at least 4 days so that the protein makes its effect in the neuromuscular joint.

How long will it last for?
it normally lasts for 6 months. Maybe it last less in the first few session, 5 months, but if you respect the dates it will last longer, 7-8 months.

Does it work as preventive treatment?
Yes, when you relax the facial muscles you will avoid those wrinkles caused by facial expression…

Has it got secondary effect?
No. Some small bruises may appear alter injections but it not very frequent.

Has it got any other medical indications?
Botilinum toxine has got diverse indications, such as those concerning muscular contractions known as dystonia, blepharospasm from those people with continuous blinks, excessive armpit and hand sweating…