What kind of anaesthetics is used in Blepharoplasty?
It is made under local anaesthetics and sedation. In this way we will be able to reach relaxation, without tension or anxiety.

Is fat removal always required? What if my eyes are deep?
There are two kinds of eye ageing. Those patients who suffer from prolepses of their eye bags and therefore fat removal will be necessary and those who suffer from eye deep who will only need skin removal and a light modification of the muscular structure.

Will my eye bags appear again alter blepharoplasty?
In most of the cases the results are permanent. Eye bags appear because off at luxation and accumulation, therefore when you remove it they don’t normally appear again.

Can I have a blepharoplasty done if I have sight problems?
There is no problem because the eye itself is not touched.

If I use eye lenses, when can I use them again?
it depends on the swelling of the eyes, but normally you can use them in two weeks time.

Do I need hospitalization?
You will have to rest during a few hours in order to avoid changes in your arterial tension and possible hematoma. That is why we recommend to stay in hospital for the first night after the operation.

How long will the results last for?
Blepharoplasty produces a long lasting look rejuvenation. When this operation is done between the ages of 40-45 it is permanent.

How long will I have to work leave?
Normally you will need around 10 days so that swelling in eyelash is smoother. The first two days you will need sight rest.

Can I sunbathe?
You will have to Project your eyes with sunglasses during the first two weeks. Then you will have to use total sun screen so that skin does not get dark.

If I have prominent nasolabial Fonds and flaccidity can I also have a lifting?
Yes, in fact it it very common to combine them in order to look younger.

I have fallen eyelid, can it be corrected by blepharoplasty?
Yes, fallen eyelids is known as ptosis palpebral, something which is very common as we get older. It can be corrected through blepharoplasty and it consists on stretching the muscles and raising of higher eyelid.

How is intervention made in such a delicate zone?
The most important thing to be done is to be extremely careful with the eyelid structures. We have to define all the layers correctly. The important thing is this surgery is not what we remove but what is still there alter the operation.

Can crow’s feet be corrected?
Crow’s feet improve a lot after surgery. However, we also recommend a botox treatment in order to obtain better results.

When will I see the final result?
Approximately in three weeks you will be able to appreciate the final result more or less, but you won’t have the final result totally until the third month. However, you nose could suffer some changes along the first year, because of swelling.

How old do I have to be to be operated?
It is not advisable to operate any children or teenager until natural growing process is finished. In girls this is around the age of 14-15, while in boys it’s later after adolescence.

Apart from having breathing problems my nose is diverted, Could this be solved in the same operation?
Yes, it is very common in those patients who have breathing problems to also have diverted nose. This can be solved in this operation.

What kind of anaesthetics is used?
Rhinoplasty is done under general anaesthetics, never with local anaesthetics due to possible risks.

Will I have to be hospitalized?
At least 6-8 hours after surgery. Though sometimes we recommend to stay in hospital for 24 hours.

When will nasal blockage disappear?
They are not always required, only when the nasal bridge is modified. In this case they will be removed in one day.

How long do I have to work leave?
We normally recomment one week work leave because your face will be swollen andi t is possible you may need to wear a splint or plaster in your nose. However you will be able to live normally after two days.

When can I have a facial lifting done?
Most patients are around 45-65 years old, though it is not frequent after 65.

Will my face expression change?
No. A few years ago you could have the Keeling of a surprise face, nowadays it is important to keep the facial expression so that it doesn’t look artificial.

Do I have to give up smoking?
Yes. Smoking changes skin microcirculation and this influences in vasculation and healing.

How long do results last for?
Normally you rejuvenate around 10 years though this can vary depending on the aging of the patient.

What kind of anaesthetics is used in facial lifting?
Facial and cervical lifting is made under local anaesthetics or sedation so that the patient feel relaxed and pain free along the operation.

Will I have to stay in hospital?
You will have to stay in hospital for 24 hours, which means you will have to spend a night in hospital-clinic. We will have to give you some medication to avoid arterial tension and possible bruises in the area.

How long does the result last for?
It will depend on the surgical procedure and the skin of the patient, its bone structure… however, it normally lasts for 10-15 years.

How long will I have to be work leave?
You will have to work leave for two weeks. During the first few days your face will be swollen but you will be able to have a normal life basically from the 2nd – 4th day.

Is the scar visible?
Yes, it is visible though we will have to pay special attention to notice it because we will try to hide them so that they are not evident.

When can children have the operation done?
From 6-8 year- old onwards, that means, when the start second cycle at school in order to avoid traumas originated in infants. At this age ears have practically reached their final size.

Can adults be operated?
Yes. Otoplasty is done to children and adults and the results are as good at any age.

What if my ears look different?
There are different otoplasty techniques and it doesn’t’ matter if the look different because we can adapt our techniques so that they are symmetric at the end.

Is hospitalization needed?
No. Otoplasty is ambulatory, so you can go home alter a few hours.

Can my hearing be affected?
No, because the external ear is the less important portion of hearing.

How long is the operation?
Around one and a half hours.

Will I have visible scars?
No, Scar will be placed at the back of the ear so that it is not visible. We will only have a scar if we want to make our ears smaller and this scar is not very big.

Will I have to wear a band in the head?
Yes. You will have to wear it during the first week in order to avoid any hit and we will help they new position of your ears. After that you will only have to wear it at bed time.

How long will I have work leave?
I will all depend on your work. If you work in public you will have to stay at home for one week, if not you will be able to go to work alter two days.

Where in the face can we apply botox?
The most common area is that known as superior or higher tired, which is the space between eyebrows i n order to avoid the typical angriness wrinkles.

When will the results start to be seen?
You will have to wait at least 4 days so that the protein makes its effect in the neuromuscular joint.

How long will it last for?
it normally lasts for 6 months. Maybe it last less in the first few session, 5 months, but if you respect the dates it will last longer, 7-8 months.

Does it work as preventive treatment?
Yes, when you relax the facial muscles you will avoid those wrinkles caused by facial expression…

Has it got secondary effect?
No. Some small bruises may appear alter injections but it not very frequent.

Has it got any other medical indications?
Botilinum toxine has got diverse indications, such as those concerning muscular contractions known as dystonia, blepharospasm from those people with continuous blinks, excessive armpit and hand sweating…

Is there any possibility lumps appear?
No. Hyalouronic acid is biocompatible and biodegradable. That is why there is no possibility our body rejects this product. In fact, it is not necessary to do any allergy test.

How long will the product last for?
It will depend on the treated area. Generally, its global duration is about 12 months. However, it might last less time in lips because of their movement, and it may last longer in ears and eyebrows around 18 months.

When will I see the final result?
You will have to wait for one week. The effect is basically immediate but because of swelling and possible hematomas you will have to wait for one week.

When will I be able to use make up?
Immediately alter the treatment. In fact you will be indicated to massage some of treated areas with your usual cream or one we will give you.

What products are used in this treatment?
Hyalouronic acid, vitamines, antioxidante, co-enzymes and DNA precursors are injected, that means, a lot of agents which will act as nutrients and precursors of cell metabolism.

Will I have marks? When will they disappear?
Blotch can appear in the dots where the injection is injected and not very frequent hematoma which will disappear shortly. After treatment we will give you a cream to avoid blotch so that you can see the results as soon as possible.

Will I need anaesthetics?
Yes, but with a cream. An hour before the treatment we will put a cream in your face so that you hardly feel any pain…

How often will I have to repeat this treatment?
It will all depend on the injected product. In case we use products such as antioxidant and metabolism precursors you will have to repeat the treatment every 2 months. If treatment is based on hyalouronic acid concentration around every 6 months.