The first diagnostic appointment serves as a prelude to the in-person consultation. During the digital consultation, we gather essential data for the initial diagnosis, while the in-person consultation allows addressing questions and planning the surgery in detail.


In this DIGITAL CONSULTATION, the first step will be to fill out a form in which we will ask you to provide details about your needs and concerns, as well as your desired surgical outcomes.

Once all the necessary information has been gathered and the required photographs have been provided to study your specific case, Dr. Guilarte will personally assess your case and proceed to send a detailed report via an explanatory VIDEO from Dr. Guilarte, elaborating on your case in detail.

In this video, you will be provided with your diagnosis, advised on the best solution for your case, and recommended the most suitable surgery for your particular situation, along with the available therapeutic options and associated risks.

You will also receive a simulation of the expected outcome after the surgery (if the case allows for it).

We will also inform you, through a video, about your pre and post-operative process, expected recovery times, scheduling timelines for the surgery, and more. In summary, we will proceed with the delivery of all the necessary information and documentation to proceed with the desired surgery.

Likewise, for those patients residing outside of Madrid, we will provide information about their stay, as well as suggestions for accommodations if needed.

Scheduling the first Digital Consultation, you will still have a second in-person consultation with Dr. Guilarte. This will be scheduled prior to the surgery.

Cost Estimate

In addition to your report, we will send you the detailed cost estimate for your surgery, the steps to follow if you wish to proceed with the operating room reservation, as well as the established payment timelines.

We will also include details regarding the financing system along with a financing simulation for 12 to 48 months, in case this is of interest to you.

Resolution of Questions

Once you have received all the information, the team at Dr. Guilarte office will be at your complete disposal to address any non-technical questions related to your surgery process. Please note that most of these questions are addressed on a daily basis by our team, and resolving them will help you clarify important aspects of your surgery and provide the necessary peace of mind that this process requires.

The ways to get in touch with Dr. Guilarte’s team are as follows:
– To address general inquiries, please use the clinic’s phone: 914 025 184 or email us at
– To address personal inquiries or provide reports and/or photographs, please contact us at, and also include your ID.

Second (In-Person) Pre-Surgery Consultation

Once your operating room date is reserved, we will schedule a second, in-person pre-surgery consultation with Dr. Guilarte. During this meeting, we will go over all the aspects discussed in the Digital Consultation and address any questions related to both your surgery and the process of recovery.

Additionally, we will provide you with the necessary documentation and take new photographs, which will assist us in addressing these questions and studying your case in more detail.

In summary, the digital consultation has the same characteristics as the in-person consultation, with the advantage of reducing waiting times and allowing you to undergo the desired surgery in a shorter timeframe.

Cost and Timelines

The delivery time for the video report from Dr. Guilarte, as well as the rest of the documentation detailed above, is a maximum of 60 business days (starting from the receipt of all the required documentation).

The cost of this Digital Consultation is €200, which is deductible from the cost of your surgical procedure. The Digital Consultation is non-refundable.

What if I prefer to have the ‘First Diagnostic Appointment’ through an ‘In-Person Consultation’?

(In-Person Consultation Temporarily Closed)

The objective of the Digital Consultation is to reduce the waiting times for the ‘First Diagnostic Appointment’ and provide you with a comprehensive and personalized diagnosis in a shorter timeframe than the current one, as well as the necessary information to decide whether to proceed with the surgery.

However, if you prefer to schedule an In-Person Consultation, please note that the waiting times for this currently depend on the duration of the surgery to be performed:
– Surgeries < 90 min. ═> Approx. 6 months
– Surgeries > 90 min. ═> Approx. 2 years

For any general questions or inquiries, you can contact us via
To provide additional pending information and/or send specific photos or reports, please use, and include your ID as well.

In summary:

Waiting time for the ‘First Diagnostic Appointment’:

Surgeries < 90 min.* ═> Maximum 60 business days (Mon-Fri)
Surgeries > 90 min.* ═> Maximum 60 business days (Mon-Fri)
(Same waiting time)
Personalized diagnosis through an explanatory video by Dr. Guilarte

Resolution of Questions:

With Dr. Guilarte in the 2nd (In-Person) Consultation
With the Team immediately


Video report in which Dr. Guilarte elaborates on your case in detail
(Approx. 40-45 minutes)

Rhinoplasty Simulation:


Breast Augmentation Simulation:

3D Digital Trial with Crisalix
Volume Trial with Sizers in 2nd (In-Person) Consultation

Wait time for surgery after your ‘First Diagnostic Appointment’:

Surgeries < 90 min.* ═> Aprox. 1-3 months
Diagnosis: approximately 60 business days (Mon-Fri) + 1-3 months for surgery
Surgeries > 90 min.* ═> Aprox. 6-12 months
Diagnosis: approximately 60 business days (Mon-Fri) + 6-12 months for surgery

The cost of the ‘First Diagnostic Appointment’:


*Important Note
Surgeries < 90 min. these are surgeries with a duration of less than 90 minutes, which include breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, and mentoplasty.
Surgeries > 90 min. these are surgeries with a duration of more than 90 minutes, including rhinoplasty, mastopexy with and without implants, tuberous breast correction, breast reduction, implant replacement and all secondary surgeries.
The digital consultation is non-refundable.


Select the option that matches your needs and fill out the form that will appear below.:

To request a consultation for treatments not included in the Digital Consultation, please submit your request using this link.

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