The unaesthetic aspects of the abdomen are very varied. So depending on the case they can be solvedthrough liposuction or even cases where deformation needs to be treated taking out the excess of skit and fat, normally accompanied with a reparation of the muscles in order to obtain a flat belly.

Abdominoplasty consists on the extirpation of the excess of skin and fat through and operation and the correction of flaccidity in the abdomen muscles. This excess of fat and skin is normally suffered in patients whohave put on a lot of weight losing it afterwards or women who have had several pregnancies.

Is this the kind of surgery I want? Is it efficient?

Ideal candidates to have a Abdominoplasty are those men and women with a relatively good silhouette but who are worried about the excess of fat or skin in their abdomen without any result through diet or sport.

This surgery is especially efficient in those women who have had several pregnancies, after which the skin and the muscles have lost their initial tone.

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This can also enhance elasticity in the skin in old people, normally with moderate obesity. If there are previous scars in the area this surgery might not e indicated or maybe the scars can change the position.

Although in most cases this surgery help eliminate those scars.

Planning surgery

In the initial appointment, Dr. Guilarte wil evaluate your health, and he will determine the extension of the accumulation of fat in the zone and the skin colour.

You might expose your expectations clearly, so that the doctor can tell you the limitations, risks and the different alternatives. If in your case you only have excess of fat in the lower part of the umbilicus you might need a less complex procedure called mini-abominoplasty, with a shorter stay in the clinic.

In other cases, if we will perform a full abdominoplasty or mini-Abdominoplasty, it can be associated a liposuction of the hips, improving the body silhouette in a more harmonious way.

General anesthesia or epidural
Duration of the procedure:
2-3 hours
24 hours
medium, controllable through medication
You must wait:
Swelling until the 6th week though it can even last 3 months, temporal numbness
Final result:
3 months
Duration of result:
Permanent, but for loss of weight or pregnancy

Some cases, even, can be solved only by performing liposuction of the abdomen. In any case the plastic surgeon near you, will determine which the best procedure is in order to provide a body silhouette and abdomen more suitable.

Surgery and Anesthetics.

Mini-abdominoplasty and abdominoplasty are done in an operation room in a clinic or hospital, never in the consultation room. Liposuction must also be done is an operation room, with strict asepsis measures. The most common anesthetics used in abdominoplasty is the epidural, and the patient will be slept during all the operation. In some cases with the mini-abdominoplasty and liposuction sedation is used as well as local anesthetics so that the patient is awake but relaxed.

A complete abdominoplasty normally needs 2-4 hours. A mini-abdominoplasty normally lasts 1-2 hours. This surgery is normally done through an incision in the pubis and another incision around the umbilicus in order to be able to separate it from the tissues around it.

Afterwards the skin is separated from the abdominal area until the ribs are reached, exposing the abdominal muscles. These muscles are tensed and joined in the medium zone reaching a firm abdomen and a thinner waist. The separated skin is stretched until the pubis and the excess cut the umbilicus is located in its new position.. Afterwards, it is stitched and a bandage is put. The temporal drainage tubes to eliminate excess of fluids in the area are fundamental.

In the mini-abdominoplasty a smaller incision is done and it is not necessary to cut around the umbilicus. One of the most important aspects of this surgery is that muscles and tissues from the abdomen are near so that we can reach a thinner and longer waist, this intervention is normally combined with a liposuction from the sides of the abdomen and the higher abdomen.

Mommy Makeover

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After surgery (post-operatory)

During the first few days the abdomen will be swelled and some discomfort which can be controlled through medication. You will stay in the clinic for 24 hours.

Although at the beginning you won’t be able to stretch completely you will have o walk as soon as possible. The stitches around the umbilicus will be removed after 5-7 days, the stitches in the horizontal zone, in 2-3 weeks. You will have the feeling of numbness and loss of sensibility in the central zone and lower abdomen, which will be progressively recovered after a few months.

You will have to wear a corset constantly, approximately during 3-4 weeks. You might need a week to feel as you felt before the operation. If your physical condition was good before the operation including a strong abdominal muscles the recovery will be faster. Most of our patients go back to work in 2 weeks, though others need 3-4 weeks of rest after surgery.

Physical exercise helps to a prompter recovery. Even people who didn’t practice sport before the operation will have to do sport in order to reduce the swelling and to give tone to the muscles. However, strong exercise must be avoided during the first month. Scars might seem to get worse during the first 3-6 months while they are healing, but they will lose that colour afterwards.

You must wait 9 months to 1 year so the scar will flatten and lighten. Although the scars will not ever disappear, they won’t be visible when you wear bikini or swimsuit. Scars around the belly button and in lower abdomen will get better over the course of time.


Complications are possible but very rare, some seroma or bruises which will have to be evaluated through puncture and compression with the corset.

The rest of complications are very rare and infection is solved through antibiotics and drainage but this will mean stain more time in the clinic.

Venous thrombus is prevented moving the legs and standing up as soon as surgery allows you.


Abdominoplasty proportions excellent results in patients whose abdominal muscles are weakened and have an excess of fat and skin in their lower part of the abdomen. In most of the cases the results are permanent, if they have a balanced diet and they practice exercise. Google