What kind of anaesthetics is used?
Liposuctions are made under local anaesthetics and sedation. In case we do a liposuction covering up to two zones it will be held under locak anaesthetics although sedation will help you feel more relaxed. In case a lot of zones will be worked or the patient will have to be moved or the duration of the intervention is longer, other kind of anaesthetics can be used (epidural or general).  

Where is liposuction done?
Liposuction must be done in an operation room, either in a clinic or a hospital, never in the consultancy. We must count with all the material and personal resources needed in case any complication appears.  

How long do I have to stay in the clinic. hospital?
Those liposuction which don’t cover a lot of volume can be done in an ambulatory way, that means you will be able two go home within two hours after surgery. In case liposuction is deeper then you will have to stay in hospital for 24 hours…  

Will I have to wear a corset or similar?
After surgery you will be put a pressure therapy corset in order to help the area get used to its new shape, and adapt more easily. You will have to wear it around 4 weeks.  

Is the postoperative painful?
Liposuction postoperative is not painful. Most people feel as if they had stiffness. In order to feel less discomfort you will tak analgesics and we will do early lymphatic drainage in order to solve swelling as soon as possible.  

How long do I have to medical leave?
Normally we recommend around 2-3 days. You will have a normal life but avoiding physical effort. When you are made a deeper liposuction we recommend one week medical leave.  

Is lymphatic drainage needed? Who must do it?
It is Essentials to have at least two lymphatic drainage sessions a week along the four weeks just alter the liposuction. It is very important to favour drainage from the inflammatory liquids so that skin can retract correctly. This treatment will have to be done by a specialized physiotherapist.  

I have a lot of cellulite. Will it disappear alter liposuction?
If you have cellulite you will be predisposed to have it again, however, it will decrease a lot alter liposuction. So if you have very strong cellulite it will enhance a lot and if it is minor it will totally disappear.  

After the liposuction, if my weight increases will I have fat in the same zones from the intervention?
Fat cells only develop and multiply during adolescence because of the hormonal influence. That is why there are zones where the Lumber of cells is higher and it is easier to get fatter. The eradicate fat taken from that zone will not develop as fast as before but it will develop in the same path as the rest of the body.  

Apart from having a liposuction in thigh fat and legs I would like to have it in the spare tire and the back, is it possible to do it in the same surgery?
Yes, but you have to bear in mind that we will never do and operation where we extract more than 4 litre due to the increase of risks. There is no problem to treat more then one zone but never more than the safe volume.