Aqualix or intralipotherapy consists on the injection of a substance in located deposits of fat in order to “dissolve” them. It contains a substance called desoxicolic acid which is a known “detergent” which has the ability of “dissolve” the fat in a save and fast way…

How is it made?

Aqualix is injected directly to the adipose tissue and it dissolves the adipose so that lipids are eliminated in a natural way through the lymphatic system. It is made through an only pinch in the area with a very long and thin needle which helps spreading the products in the chosen area for the treatment. Consequently, we will reach to reduce the volume of the areas where we can find located fat and which we have already injected.

It is recommended to massage the area afterwards in order to enhance the results.

This procedure is practically painless compared to other corporal mesotherapies. Local anaesthetic is not needed because the treatment is very bearable. When the treatment is finished the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort although sometimes a small blushing in the area, some stinging and in some cases some short term bruises.

When will I see the results? How many sessions?

After very few sessions, 3-4 along 3 weeks will be enough to see the results.

Who is this procedure adequate for?

It is not an adequate treatment in cases of obesity and evidently it doesn’t get the same results as a surgery liposuction, but it can reach very interesting results in cases of located fat deposits

Has it got any secondary effects?

The secondary effects are similar to those in any other technique with these characteristics, being really mild and not harmful for the health. We can feel a swelling in the treated area, stinging (short duration), blushing and heat (some hours of duration), oedema and hematoma (a few days lasting), but all this doesn’t mean you can carry on with your normal daily life.