The lack of volume in the chest of a man can be seen as if he was weak or with lack of strength. In some cases it is extremely difficult to develop the muscles in that area in a proportioned way.

This is also a god treatment for those who couldn’t develop the same muscles in both pectorals (Poland syndrome) or because of traumas.

Currently there are implants or pectoral prosthesis which give a good shape to the chest of a man as well as a proportioned volume and similar relief to a worked muscle in a gym.

These implants are, as well as mammary implants, made of silicone, but they have more consistency in order to be more similar to muscle and not to a gland. Nowadays there are different size implants in order to be proportioned to the patient’s thorax and even they can be made to measure.

Surgery planning

In the first appointment the patient will be evaluate physically ad some measures will be taken to the thorax in order to choose the volume of the appropriate implant.

Surgery and Anesthetics

Pectoral augmentation is done in a hospital or clinic under general anesthetics.

The intervention starts with a 4cm incision in the arm pit. Afterwards the implant will be put under the major pectoral in order to win more dynamism and naturalness because we will see the contraction of the patient’s pectoral.

Due to the fact that the position is under the muscle some drainage will have to be worn during 24 hours (they will be taken before the patient goes home).

Once surgery has been finished the patient will be given a presotherapy garment as a waistcoat to be worn during the first two weeks in order to avoid movement of the implant.

This surgery lasts for 1-1.5 hours and the patient will have to stay in hospital for 24h.

This surgery can be complimented with other treatments such as liposuction of back and abdomen.

After surgery

The feeling after surgery is of oppression and stiffness. In order to have less pain you cn take analgesics and anti-inflammatory.

You must wear the waistcoat during 2 week 24 hours a day. After this period it is recommended to wear it during 8 hours a day in a month.

You must avoid sport during the first month of intervention. Google

aumento pectoral foto aumento de pectorales
Duration of the procedure:
1-1,5 hours
24 hours
Medium, controlled by medication
You must wait:
Temporary numbness; sensation of stiffness
Final result:
1-2 months
Duration of result: