The Bichat ball or box, also called Bucal Fat Pad, is a fat accumulation in a very concrete anatomic position which give more or less volume to the cheeks. That’s why, when its size is bigger to the normal size it gives a look of round and fat face.

For this reason, this intervention it is normally done in people who present a round or oval face giving the view of overweight. What we get with this intervention is to improve the facial outline, which means that we give the face a more triangular and long face.

This surgery is done with local anaesthetic and sedation in an ambulatory way. The procedure consists on making a small incision of 1cm at the molar level. Once this incision is made we will be able to arrive to this fat ball easily and remove it. The duration of the whole intervention will be approximately 30-45 minutes.

Complications after this surgery are very rare. The risk of hematoma is very low. Anticeptic bucal washes are recommended in order to avoid possible infections.

The definite result is seen after three months of the intervention. Google

Extirpar la bola de bichart en Madrid / Clínica de cirugía plástica

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