The Scars of the scalp are particularly visible and striking. On many occasions, it is complex for those who have them in the head, a portion of our body hardly concealable.


  • Injuries and wounds.
  • Aftermath of capillaries grafts with improper technique.
  • Burns.
  • By having undergone chemotherapy treatments.
  • Skin diseases – dermatological.
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Hair implant: in areas where the scar is not especially fibrous and preserve part of the natural vascularization of skin it is possible to realize hair implant. However, in such circumstances usually needed two procedures to obtain a good result.

Rotation flaps: If the scar is very large and especially fibrous, that is to say, without vascularization, it is required to removal and rotation of a portion of scalp with hair to cover the defect that we generate when we remove it.