What kind of anaesthetics is used?
Epidural and sedation. However, sometimes we may use general anaesthetics if the anaesthesiologist recommends it because of the duration of the surgery.

Will stretching marks disappear?
Those marks which are located in the abdomen under the umbilicus will disappear because that skin and fat will be removed.
Will the scar be visible? Will it be seen with bikini?
No, the Scar alter abdominoplasty is big but it is also designed in order to be located under the bikini or underwear. First it won’t be visible but until the 6th month it will be red for a while attenuating little by little.

Will mu umbilicus disappear?
Of course not. Your umbilicus will be relocated in your new abdomen and it will have a better look since we will make it smaller according to your new shape and size.

Can liposuction and abdominoplasty be combined?
All our abdominiplasties are combined with a liposuction from the lateral zones in your abdomen. We sometimes recommend our patient to have a liposuction done in back and spare tire in order to have better results. But it will depend on the kind of abdominoplasty and liposuction will never exceed from 2 litres.

Will I have to give up smoking to be operated?
Yes, at least two weeks in advanced. This will give us security because microcirculation and scar from your abdomen will heal faster and better.
I just had a baby and alter a few months I can see my abdomen doesn’t go back to its former shape, can I have an abdominoplasty done?
Yes, but it is recommended to wait at least 6 months after birth. Because of the increase in volume in pregnancy and the separation of muscles in the abdomen you don’t have a flat abdomen as before. This can be healed with the join of the muscles to make its joint stronger with special stiches.

I don’t want to wear a bikini this summer, if I have an operation in June, July will I be able to sunbathe during the next months?
You will be able to sunbathe once swelling has disappeared which is normally after a month from the operation. However you will have to protect the scar from the sun with total protection sun cream or bandage or plaster.