Gluteus augmentation has become one of the most usual surgeries among men, although it can also be done in women. There are many techniques to reach gluteus restructuration. That is the reason why a correct physical exploration is needed in order to see the particular needs in each case. Once this is made we will be able to reach an agreement with you about the most convenient treatment.


  • SILICONE IMPLANTATIONS: the implant is made of cohesive gel of silicone although flatter and more resistant. This prosthesis is situated inside the major gluteus muscle through and incision in between the gluteus.
  • LIPOINFILTRATION OR LIPOFILLING: it consists on a liposuction of flanks and thighs in order to obtain fat to inject in the gluteus zone. This is a very safe method, but it has the condition that we need a part of your body from where to take fat.
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General or epidural
Duration of the procedure:
2 hours
24 hours
Medium or moderated, controllable through medication
You must wait:
Inflammation until de 3rd or 6th month
Final result:
6 months.
Duration of result: