Normal ageing or the substantial loss of weight can cause an excess of the inferior member. Through a lifting of the inner part of the thigh this excess of skin and faccidity can be eliminated through an incision in the inner part of the thigh from the knee to the groin.

Is this the surgery I want? Is it an effective surgery?

In case your skin has not the capacity of the retraction needed in order to adapt to the muscular mass of your thigh, this skin which hangs can be remove.

Surgery and anesthetics

This procedure of arm stretching or lifting must be done in a clinic or hospital, in an operation room. This must be done under general anesthetics or epidural. An incision will be done in an area where the scar might not be very visible. This surgery can be complemented with liposuction from the near areas in order to have less volume.

Some discomfort can be suffered though very easily controlled through analgesics. The only thing you won’t be able to do is to lift weight or practice aerobic sport. The lymphatic drainage you will receive will help a better recovery, and less bruises after the operation.

After surgery (postoperative)

You may suffer some discomfort easily relieved by habitual analgesics. The only limitations will be load weight and perform aerobic sport. The lymphatic massages will help you to early recovery and a decrease in postoperative edema.


Complications after this kind of surgery are not very common. However, since you have a scar you might suffer from infections, with some problems in the process of the scar (widening and volume of the scars). Hematomas are not very common because of the way incisions are made. You might suffer a loss of sensibility in the area (transitory). Google

Epidural or general
Duration of the procedure:
2 hours
You will go home in the evening (ambulatory surgery) or 24 hours
Medium, controllable through medication
You must wait:
Bruises until the third week, swelling until the third month
Final result:
In three months
Duration of result:
Long lastingo