Otoplasty is the surgery which repositions and gives a new shape to the ear to give a nicer appearance (a position adequate, more attached to the head, or a smaller size). The ears have grown almost completely at the age of 4, so that starting at age 4-6 can be done. However, this surgery is always performed in adults.

Is the surgery that I want? Is this surgery effective?

An excessive separation of the ears can cause obsession and diminish your self-confidence already since childhood. If you want to improve this aspect, both for aesthetic purpose such as psychological, this is the procedure that you will require. During the first consultation, Dr. Guilarte will carry out an assessment of the problem and he will recommend the most effective technique for your case. He will also provide you instructions to prepare for the surgery.

Surgery and Anaesthetics

Otoplasty is performed in the operating room, in a clinic or hospital. The surgical procedure would be done on an outpatient way, that is to say, you can go home the same day of the operation.

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Local + sedation.
Duration of the procedure:
1-2 hours
Discharge in the afternoon (outpatient operation)
Light-Minor, controlled with medication.
You must wait:
Inflammation and bruises until the second week, until 3rd or 6th month.6th month.
Final result:
6th month
Duration of result:

We will use local anesthesia associated with sedation for the patient to be calm during the surgical procedure.

However, when we operate children under 8 years old, may be we require general anesthesia if they are restless. An Otoplasty usually lasts approximately 1 hour.c


The technique of Otoplasty that we will use; will depend on the specific problem. Usually a small incision is made in the back of the ear to expose the auricular cartilage. Then we will sculpt the cartilage giving a new form to the ear, being able to use internal stitches to maintain the new shape.

In that way, the scar resulting by the otoplasty will be hidden behind the ear.

After surgery (post-operative)

Most of the patients, children and adults, are well after surgery, so they may go home in the afternoon.

When the surgery is finished, we will put a bandage around your head. After a few days this will be changed by one lighter similar to a ribbon.

It is important to follow the instructions regarding the use of the bandage, especially at night.The ears may hurt a little during the first few days, but it is easily controlled with medicationThe majority of adults come back to work 5 days after surgery; children return to school at 7 days, provided they are careful with physical activities.


A small percentage of patients may develop a hematoma, which dissolves spontaneously or need drainage.

Occasionally, it may produce an infection of cartilage; the treatment consists of oral antibiotics. Google