Dr. Guilarte (plastic surgeon) founded the clinic of plastic surgery that bears his name. Committed to offer a change to their patients, expanding the scope of plastic surgery, is engaged by using the most advanced and innovative techniques at the beginning of the aesthetic treatments with naturalness.

After completing his residency, MIR, in the La Paz University Hospital (Madrid), as well as his thesis at the Autonomous University of Madrid, perfected and sped his knowledge in aesthetic plastic surgery through stays in the USA, Brazil and France most prestigious centers, while the extensive training to optimize their skills.

Currently in private practice, the doctor relies on sharing the secrets, expose the truths and dispel the myths and misconceptions about plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

Video Dr. Guilarte – Plastic Surgeon

The passion for beauty and plastic arts, the self-demand, the desire for improvement and his great experience in the field of aesthetic surgery, have turned Dr. Guilarte into one of the most consolidated plastic surgeons in Madrid at his early age. In this small report we share the feeling of a plastic surgeon who feels true passion for his work, and who every day tries to get the best possible result for each patient.