The great advantage of this technique is that as well as being therapeutic is preventive, that is to say, reduces the hair loss.

The removal of the patient’s own blood growth factors allows you to enhance, accelerate and stimulate the regeneration of hair follicle and scalp since it stimulates the conversion of collagen I in III and increases the cutaneous vasculature and hair follicle.

Who is a candidate?

This technique has indication in those situations where there still are some follicular units, that is to say, there has not been an absolute loss of hair.

What is the procedure?

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factores de crecimiento para regeneración capilar en hombres y mujeres

First of all, we will extract blood from the patient as if it were a conventional analysis. Once extracted blood, blood will be processed to extract the portion of blood with greater amount of growth factors that are released from the platelets. In this way, when we extract this portion of the plasma rich in growth factors and platelet, will be activated so that finally it can be injected into the scalp by way of microinjections.

This treatment should be done every 4-6 months.

This technique is also used as complement in case of implant hair (hair grafting) to stimulate the growth of the grafted follicle and increase their survival. Google