The inclusion of immediate post-operative treatment alter surgery is vital for the security of the patient and as it guarantees a good result.

As a protocol we assist our patients the same they of the surgery. In this way we initiate therapy immediately after surgery once the patient is in his/her room through the following techniques:

    • PRESSURE THERAPY: it consists on the application of pressure waves in the lower members. This technique is done just after surgery so that we favour vein drainage from the lower limbs. This technique is specially recommended in abdominoplasty and facial lifting to prevent deep vein thrombosis.
    • MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: the first lymphatic drainage session is done befote discharge by our physiotherapist. It consists on doing this thechnique in the lymphatic drainage channel and mainly in ganglions, that means, not as much in the operated area but on the drainage channels and ganglions.
    • POSTURAL THERAPY: it consists on educating the patient about posture he/she can or should do and those he/she has to avoid. We will also apply osteopathy tehniques and muscle relaxation in the zone of th espine and dorsal which in some occasions are affected by the time patients can’t move alter surgery. This technique is recommended after breast surgery with prosthesis.