The hyaluronic acid is the safest face filler and it would be possible to confirm that he ispractically free of complications. Nevertheless, the number of processes that are practiced is so high that some complications exist.

Most of the complications are due to a bad indication in the type of hyaluronic acid to use or to using a low quality brand. There are zones where the injection of this fillers is more complicated as it is the case of the tear through, the cheekbones and the lips. And, what still complicates more this indication it is correct decision in which type of conjugation and what brand of hyaluronic acid to use for each aim.

From our point of view there are only three brands that give us the maximum security, these are Restylane (Galderma), Juvederm (Allergan) and Teosyal (Teoxane). Despite, the engineering used for the conjugation of the different types and brands of hyaluronic acids is different.


From that it derives that these may have major or minor pick up of water, major or minor hardness… something to consider essentially to avoid bad results or, even complications.

These complications are essentially:

  • Persistent inflammation (oedema).
  • Irregularities and/or asymmetries.
  • Tyndall effect (blue coloration by very superficial infiltrations).
  • Non-natural results generally by hipercorrection.

For any of these ones, many times the best is to start reabsorbing the entire product injected by means of a HYALURONIDASE injection.

¿What is Hialuronidase?

The hyaluronidase is an enzyme, a catalyst, that breaks the molecule of hyaluronic acid, degrades it, entailing its desorption and disappearance. This rupture can be more or less resistant based on the injected hyaluronic acid and, for this reason, in case of being a high conjugation hyaluronic acid it is usually required more than an injection, especially with Juvederm one.

As soon as does time act?

A frequent question is how long will the product take to be the hyaluronic acid resorbed. As long as it is not required from a second session, the product will disappear in less than 24 hours.

¿It is legal?

In Spain there is no a product commercialized under this name as it happens in the United States, it will be a time question. For this reason, to be able to inject it in Spain, it is required the prescription by a doctor explaining to the patient that is applied under article 13, compassionate use. Google