Lipofilling is also denominated fat transference, lipotransference or fat grafting. All these terms make reference to a same procedure that consists in extracting fat from those zones where it is in excess to fill up others in which there is a deficit of volume due to atrophy or a congenital lack.

Thus, the zones that more frequently take advantage this filling are:

» Glutei

» Breast

» Face


In the last years diverse techniques and methods for the fat extraction and its later processing have been published. There are diverse series of patients with different degrees of fat grafting survival-resorption even with the same technique from diverse authors. For this reason, at the moment what it has been possible to conclude is that it is a surgeon dependent owing to the cares taken during all the procedure.

What does it mean? Simply to confirm that is always submitted to the answer of each organism, the better cares used in the extraction and handling of this better the greater fat survival index we will obtain.


Consequence of all the previous tips mentioned, at the moment we try to have as much special well-taken care in the extraction of the fat as in its later processing. Thus, we can divide this procedure in three phases:

  • EXTRACTION: At the moment we practice all our liposuctions in two pressures. Initially we extract the fat that will be used for lipofilling by low pressures and later will increase the liposuctor pressure to high pressure to remodel your body. For it we used a liposuctor with a pressure gauge that always will maintain the pressure at the levels we want -average atmosphere of pressure for the fat harvest and an atmosphere for the shaping one.
  • PROCESSING: We bet for the decantation. More and more authors bet for this technique or centrifugation by many less revolutions than the recommendations described by Dr. Coleman years ago. The decantation consists in the cleaning of the fat by means of physiological serum and its later rest so that by density the fat harvested will stratify in serum-blood, adipocytes and oil (broken adipocytes). It will be the biggest portion, the one of alive adipocytes the one that we use for this aim.
  • INFILTRATION: Obtained the pure fat, this is infiltrated in the zones where we want. For it, based on the zone to be grafted we use specific cannulas for this aim and with different diameters based on the zone to be grafted (4 mm for gluteus, 3 and 2 mm for breasts and, 2 and 1 mm for the face). Google
Local + Sedation
Duration of the Procedure:
1-2 hours
1 – 8 hours depending on the volume
Discreet or Average, controlled by means of medication
You must hope:
Temporary numbness; cardinals that will disappear in 2 weeks
Final result:
3 months
Duration of the result: