Protocol of Post-Operative treatment

In the case of post-liposuction recoveries, is even more important, the intervention of the physiotherapist in an immediately way to surgery.

Due to the absorption of fat by the subcutaneous cannula, various injuries occur in blood vessels and lymphatics, thus producing a considerable postoperative edema.

In the case of the liposuction, the accelerated postoperative recovery (APR) will follow the following protocol:

HOSPITAL IMMEDIATE PHYSIOTHERAPY: developed in a very individualized and specific way for each patient, it consists in PRESSOTHERAPY and MANUAL LIMPHATIC DRAINAGE in the hospital. The patient will begin the recovery within a few hours of the intervention, if the surgeon and physical therapist believe it is possible; will be held the first session of PRESSOTHERAPY. The next day will begin with the MLD, usually on the skin of the patient, although in some cases these early sessions of drainage may be above the girdle, in order to give you a little more time to the skin, to settle back on the subcutaneous tissue.


The MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE and PRESSOTHERAPY sessions will alternate during the first 10 days, then and always depending on each patient we will begin to use techniques such as:

ULTRASOUNDS: That it will act on inflammation, helping the body to restore damaged tissues, promoting the reabsorption of edema and facilitating cohesion between skin and subcutaneous tissues. Ultrasounds have as main effects: improve the ability of cellular regeneration, increasing lymphatic circulation, improve the reabsorption of edema, anti-inflammatory effect and muscular relaxation. They are also helpful when treating small fibrosis that may occur after liposuction intervention.

KINESIO TAPE: in the cases of recovery after liposuction, the use of these “tapes” have, if possible, an essential importance, since they will be the major architects of that most superficial edema, and it accumulates in the parts closest to the skin disappears in a few days. In addition, the placement of the “KINESIO” in the form of “octopus”, will also have an activity on the fascial movement and interstitial, being of great help in the reabsorption of edema more deep, their redistribution to lymph vessels for their early evacuation into the bloodstream.

OSTEOPHATIC MANUAL THERAPY: We will use our knowledge in osteopathy in the first hours after intervention, in order to minimize the discomfort at the level of the back and neck, as well as the joint of the knee. Using gentle manoeuvres of mobilization and postural changes, we will give to these joints of its correct movement since it will have been altered. We will also provide the patient, knowledge about what exercises and movements can be done and what exercises should not do in the first few days after surgery.

The treatment ends when the patient performs all activities of her daily live with absolute normality, both at work and in her leisure time.

In general, thanks to this thorough and studied treatment protocol (RPA) after 10-15 sessions of treatment and many others of pressotherapy over 3-4 weeks the patient will be fully recovered from the intervention and enjoy your new image with all the guarantees of a job perfectly done.

The PRESSOTHERAPY sessions are recommended to repeat during 3 months after the procedure so that the result is quite satisfactory. Google