What is Tuberous Mama or Tubular Mama?

Tuberous Breast is the result of an abnormal breast development.

It has as common property a cone-shape and not rounded, too much separation between both breasts, and a lack of development mainly at the bottom of the breast.

In addition, given that these breasts only grow in its most central aspect, they usually have the areolas too large and dilated. Very often, this condition is accompanied by asymmetry.


During the first consultation, Dr. Guilarte will evaluate the size and the shape of the breasts. We will explain to you the different surgical techniques; we will discuss the size and shape that will have your breasts. You must expose your expectations with a sincere and honest manner, so that the plastic surgeon will be clear and will show you the choices available for your problem, with the risks and limitations of each one of them.

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General anesthesia
Duration of the procedure:
2-3 hours
24 hours
Easily controlled with medication
You must wait:
Bruise until the 2nd- 3rd week; swelling until the 6th; temporary numbness
Final result:
At third month
Duration of result:
Tuberous breast-difference-with-normal-breast-how-to-solve-the-tuberous-breast-problem


This intervention is very important that it be performed by a plastic surgeon qualified and experienced in such cases given that requires complex techniques. Moreover, if this condition goes unnoticed and the intervention is performed as if it were a hypoplastic breast, as breast augmentation, that we would only obtain increase the deformity and make even more complicated the secondary repair since these breasts require specific treatment.

After your surgery, your scars will be of very good quality, given the meticulous stitches that will you have, although you must anticipate that they will continue the normal process of maturation, so in 2-3 months the scars will be reddened and in this way the scars will be almost undetectable at 12-18 months. That is why it is very important to take care of your scars as instructed. However, Dr. Garcia-Guilarte will go seeing you during the months following the surgery to see the evolution.

The lymphatic drainage massages that our physiotherapists will make to you in our examination room are very beneficial, thus achieving a better result and an earlier incorporation in your activities.

After surgery (postoperative)

A close monitoring of these patients is essential, so they must go to the consultation frequently. You must wear during 24-hour a breast bra that we provide to you, since breast immobilization is strict in this pathology.

However, although it is a more complex surgery than the simple Breast Augmentation surgery, it does not have to be accompanied by pain. You may feel some discomfort, essentially the first week, so we inform the analgesic guideline to be followed.

You will be able to return to work in a few days depending on the activity you make.The only limitations you will have during the first month will be the load of weight, certain sports activities and avoid lifting objects over your head.



The Breast reduction surgery is a safe technique, provided that it is carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon. However, as in any operation always there may be complications and risks.

The breast reduction leaves scars that are permanent and visible, though you can conceal the scars under the bra or bikini.

In case of being a large breast reduction, you should understand that it may require more time to complete healing of your breast.