Any surgical technique is preceded by some sort of emotional reaction. Although surgical interventions can be a relief, the psychological suffering and the preoperative stress can delay the postoperative recovery.

In the full knowledge of that situation, besides we will indicate you what the meaning of surgery is, we will deliver to you a dossier where it is indicated all normal and abnormal symptoms that you may feel.

In this way we will avoid the feelings of uncertainty which precede and continue to the surgery because you will be aware at all times what you can feel and do. It is enormously beneficial having this type of information so that you have a better and shorter postoperative.

The purpose of the pre-operative study, both by our anesthesiologist and by Dr. Guilarte, will be to achieve that it is in ideal condition prior to your surgery.

You can talk with our patients who have had similar experiences, ask our patients about our method, in which way they used the information of the dossier of pre and post-operative care and which was the most difficult part, so this way you will be prepared better for your surgery.

Pre-operative study

In the pre-operative consultation will take place a clinic history in which you will be asked by your backgrounds. In general, the preoperative study consists of a conventional analytical, a study of coagulation and an electrocardiogram.

In addition, sometimes it is required of a chest x-ray (especially in older than 45 years, smokers or previous pulmonary Pathology).