The hair from the donor area is taken through a thin strip of the scalp, with a density of hair, between 10 to 15 cm long and 1 cm with from the occipital area. This strip must be taken with the appropriate technique and in a very careful way so that the scar is imperceptible.

Proceeding in the right way, as a result there will be an aesthetically invisible scar due to the fact that it will be covered by the hair of the patient.


This Capillary grafts technique is made under local anaesthetic of the scalp and outpatient, that means that the patient will go home when surgery is finished.

microinjertos capilares STRIP madrid solucion alopecia
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foto antes y despues trasplante pelo injertos de pelo para trasplante capilar

As any other capillary procedure it consists on two phases:

1st Extraction of follicular units:

The procedure stars through the extraction of a STRIP from the occipital zone. The selection of this zone will depend on the density of hair, quality of hair and the possibility of been imperceptible afterwards. Once this portion of hair is chosen, it is taken and the follicular units are been separated under a surgical microscope.

As the follicular units are taken they are classified in microimplants of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair, inserting them in a solution of growing factors obtained from the blood of the patient so that after a while the number of hair fixation is higher.

2nd Implantation of the follicular units:

In order to introduce the follicular units, an extremely thin tool of microsurgery is used. Apart from having the best tools it will be essential that the surgeon realized the sowing with a coherent angle and direction depending on the different areas of implants, so that it looks natural and realistic.

So we will proceed to implant forwards to backwards initially with follicular units with only one hair follicle and afterwards intertwining units with different number of hair follicles, always with the correct orientation so that the result is as natural hair.Google