When can I have a facial lifting done?
Most patients are around 45-65 years old, though it is not frequent after 65.

Will my face expression change?
No. A few years ago you could have the Keeling of a surprise face, nowadays it is important to keep the facial expression so that it doesn’t look artificial.

Do I have to give up smoking?
Yes. Smoking changes skin microcirculation and this influences in vasculation and healing.

How long do results last for?
Normally you rejuvenate around 10 years though this can vary depending on the aging of the patient.

What kind of anaesthetics is used in facial lifting?
Facial and cervical lifting is made under local anaesthetics or sedation so that the patient feel relaxed and pain free along the operation.

Will I have to stay in hospital?
You will have to stay in hospital for 24 hours, which means you will have to spend a night in hospital-clinic. We will have to give you some medication to avoid arterial tension and possible bruises in the area.

How long does the result last for?
It will depend on the surgical procedure and the skin of the patient, its bone structure… however, it normally lasts for 10-15 years.

How long will I have to be work leave?
You will have to work leave for two weeks. During the first few days your face will be swollen but you will be able to have a normal life basically from the 2nd – 4th day.

Is the scar visible?
Yes, it is visible though we will have to pay special attention to notice it because we will try to hide them so that they are not evident.