What products are used in this treatment?
Hyalouronic acid, vitamines, antioxidante, co-enzymes and DNA precursors are injected, that means, a lot of agents which will act as nutrients and precursors of cell metabolism.  

Will I have marks? When will they disappear?
Blotch can appear in the dots where the injection is injected and not very frequent hematoma which will disappear shortly. After treatment we will give you a cream to avoid blotch so that you can see the results as soon as possible.  

Will I need anaesthetics?
Yes, but with a cream. An hour before the treatment we will put a cream in your face so that you hardly feel any pain…  

How often will I have to repeat this treatment?
It will all depend on the injected product. In case we use products such as antioxidant and metabolism precursors you will have to repeat the treatment every 2 months. If treatment is based on hyalouronic acid concentration around every 6 months.