When can children have the operation done?
From 6-8 year- old onwards, that means, when the start second cycle at school in order to avoid traumas originated in infants. At this age ears have practically reached their final size.

Can adults be operated?
Yes. Otoplasty is done to children and adults and the results are as good at any age.

What if my ears look different?
There are different otoplasty techniques and it doesn’t’ matter if the look different because we can adapt our techniques so that they are symmetric at the end.

Is hospitalization needed?
No. Otoplasty is ambulatory, so you can go home alter a few hours.

Can my hearing be affected?
No, because the external ear is the less important portion of hearing.

How long is the operation?
Around one and a half hours.

Will I have visible scars?
No, Scar will be placed at the back of the ear so that it is not visible. We will only have a scar if we want to make our ears smaller and this scar is not very big.

Will I have to wear a band in the head?
Yes. You will have to wear it during the first week in order to avoid any hit and we will help they new position of your ears. After that you will only have to wear it at bed time.

How long will I have work leave?
I will all depend on your work. If you work in public you will have to stay at home for one week, if not you will be able to go to work alter two days.