When will I see the final result?
Approximately in three weeks you will be able to appreciate the final result more or less, but you won’t have the final result totally until the third month. However, you nose could suffer some changes along the first year, because of swelling.  

How old do I have to be to be operated?
It is not advisable to operate any children or teenager until natural growing process is finished. In girls this is around the age of 14-15, while in boys it’s later after adolescence.  

Apart from having breathing problems my nose is diverted, Could this be solved in the same operation?
Yes, it is very common in those patients who have breathing problems to also have diverted nose. This can be solved in this operation.  

What kind of anaesthetics is used?
Rhinoplasty is done under general anaesthetics, never with local anaesthetics due to possible risks.  

Will I have to be hospitalized?
At least 6-8 hours after surgery. Though sometimes we recommend to stay in hospital for 24 hours.  

When will nasal blockage disappear?
They are not always required, only when the nasal bridge is modified. In this case they will be removed in one day.  

How long do I have to work leave?
We normally recomment one week work leave because your face will be swollen andi t is possible you may need to wear a splint or plaster in your nose. However you will be able to live normally after two days.