How long does the intervention last?
Around 30 minutes.  

Which kind of anaesthetic is required?
Normally this surgery is under local anaesthetics or sedation. However, this kind oif surgery is a complement to many other kinds of surgery and therefore anaesthetic can vary depending on the main procedure.  

Do you feel pain after this intervention?
No, discomfort is minor and easily solved though usual analgesics.  

When will the final result be seen?
Results can be seen almost immediately, though there might usually be some swelling and therefore you will have to wait one week for the final result.  

Is hospitalization needed?
No, you will be able to go home alter an hour.  

When will I do normal life again?
You will have to repose during the first two days in order to avoid further swelling. We also recommend not to practice sexual relations during the first week.  

Will I have scars?
Scar is invisible due to its location.