After breast feeding my children my breast looks fallen and without any volume, as well as with stretch marks, can they be risen as well as having a nicer look?

As a consequence of mammary distension because of breast-feeding and the loss of volume, the skin of the breast looses its contention Skull. In order to correct this aspect the breast can be raised as well as an silicon implant can be put in some cases.

What age is good to have the breast risen?

Age is not decisive in this kind of surgery. So it can be risen when they have developed totally at around the age of 16-17 onwards.

Will I keep sensitivity in areola and nipples?

Normally sensitivity is recovered, but it will mainly depend on the kind of surgery because in some cases such as gigantomasty the nerves are son distended that sensitivity might not be recovered. During the first weeks it is normal to have itch,… but it is usual to recover sensitivity within the first months after surgery.

What kind of scars will I have?

It will all depend on the volume and the flaccidity of your breast the Lumber of incisions needed. Incisions will be done around areola or under breast line. Anyway we take a lot of care of scars and we will tell you how to treat them in order to have the best possible results.

How long does the result last for?

They are normally long lasting. Anyway this will also depend on the quality of your skin. Because of mastopexy the fall of breast will be slower. In some cases implants are required in the upper zone and in this case results are even longer lasting

I smoke quite a lot, do I have any risks?

Yes, microcirculation of the skin is changes by smoking. That is why we recommend you to give up smoking at least two weeks in advanced. On the contrary risks such as losing the areola and necrosis are possible.

Do I have to stay in a position to sleep?

You will only have to avoid to sleep face down during the first month alter surgery.

Apart from having flaccidity one of my breasts is bigger, can this be solved?

Yes, it all depends on a good pre-surgery planning. Further complications will not appear.