Will I be able to breast-feed my baby alter reducing my breast??

Normally it is possible to breast-feed after this kind of operations. However, you might take into account it is possible you won’t be able to breast- feed because you might not produce it..

Will I lose sensitivity in my nipples?

Normally sensitivity is recovered, but it will mainly depend on the kind of surgery because in some cases such as gigantomasty the nerves are son distended that sensitivity might not be recovered. During the first weeks it is normal to have itch,… but it is usual to recover sensitivity within the first months after surgery.

Are results permanent?

No. Any breast tents to fall because of gravity. Due to the fact that your breasts will be smaller, they will fall slower, and it will all depend on the quality of your skin.

What scars will I have?

Any breast reduction needs a scar in inverted T, but this is not the case in mastopexy due to the fact that the volume is less. The quality of your scars will only depend on your genetic. We will help with intradermic stitches, with lymphatic drainage, with silicone dressing…but genetic is Basic. Anyway, we will tell you how to take care of your scars to have the best possible results.

Will this solve my back problems?

Big breasts are often the cause for many pains in the back originated by alterations in your vertebral column, mainly in cervical level.

Which technique do you recommend?

Basically those techniques of superior pedicle with are the most lasting ones.

How many possibilities are there to develop cancer in the operated breast?

You have the same chances to develop cancer than those who haven’t been operated. This surgery does not affect that and breast can be studied and checked as usual.

Will it hurt alter surgery?

You will hardly feel any pain. Thanks to the physiotherapist sessions after surgery, in 24-48 hours time you will be able to have a normal life and go back to work in the first week.