What is your desired surgery?

Choose the option that best fits your previous situation and desires:

The steps to follow to complete the Digital Consultation are:

  • Fill out the form, which you have already done.
  • Send the essential information:
    2.1) Photographs. ONLY IN CASES where you have NOT attached the photographs in the form.
    2.2) Reports from previous surgeries. ONLY IN CASES where there have been previous surgeries in the same area, you should provide us with the reports of those surgeries.
    2.3) Medical reports. ONLY IN CASES where you have a significant medical condition or allergy.
    In the previous cases, send the photographs and/or reports to the email consultadigital@clinicaguilarte.com, also including your ID.
  • Complete the process by making the payment for the Digital Consultation fee.
  • Wait for the team to notify you within a maximum of 10 business days.

Once you have received the notification, the Clinic has 60 business days to send you the detailed report through an explanatory video by Dr. Guilarte.

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