There are many different options in order to obtain a lip augmentation: reabsorbable fillings (hyaluronic acid), non reabsorbable fillings, fat grafts of implants, muscle grafts or implants… However,the one which offers better results is the Hyaluronic Acid.

Why hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic Acid has demonstrated that it doesn’t have secondary effects or contraindications. So, it is considered the best option for any kind of filling, even more when talking about lip filling, which is very characteristic from our image and look.

The procedure needs of local anaesthetic and in a first moment it is needed to make a stand out of the shape and filtrum (vertical lines which join nose and lip). Afterwards, once everything has been stood out we will have to increase the volume of the zones which need it.

Its effect will last for around 10-12 months.

And the fat?

Fat is the only substance which can be used to fill the lips in a permanent way. However, there is an inconvenient because we need a zone where to take this fat out from in order to inject it. This is the reason why this method is indicated as complementary to other surgeries not as an isolated way.

Another drawback is that this fat is normally denser than the Hyaluronic acid dado que la densidad de la grasa es mayor que la de un labio natural, y por ello puede darnos la sensación de un labio con menor movilid and so it gives a less natural movement to the lip.

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