As we get older we lose volume mainly in cheeks as a result of the loss of volume in the malar bone and the loss of muscle and the skin in our cheeks.

Secondly, the lines from nose to mouth get stronger.


There are two options: implants or fillings

Implants in males have a good result due to the fact that the effect is attractive in a man because it strengthens the bones structure.

However, in women this volume is better to get it from filling so that the cheeks can move and they are not as static, because we refer to the muscle of the woman’s cheek not to the bone.


Non reabsorbable products must never be used in cheek augmentation due to its secondary effects such as granular growth, migration of product, skin injuries.

So the best options are hyaluronic acid or lipofilling.

Nowadays hyaluroic acid is a very good option. Currently hyaluronic acid has got more links between its chains. So they are dense enough to give a long lasting result (1 year) and give a nice shape to the cheek.

The main aspect when doing a cheek augmentation is not putting an implant in the cheek but putting the hyaluronic acid in the zone so that it gives tension to the skin and therefore the result is better. Google