Botulin toxin or Botox is a protein that acts relaxing facial muscles temporarily, thus relieving the wrinkles of expression not aesthetics. For this reason, previously to the procedure, we will define which are the wrinkles we should eliminate in order to preserve your naturalness. Therefore, we can say that botulin toxin is a RELAXING TEMPORARY MUSCLE.

For the application of this technique, Dr. Guilarte will evaluate and will differentiate the changes by aging that your face has suffered susceptible to treatment by medical procedures (botox, infiltrations…). Those wrinkles of expression will be solved with botox, on the other hand, those wrinkles for loss of volume or flaccidity will be treated with hyaluronic acid (filling)

Botox, It is the treatment that I want? What will I get?

The Botox makes disappear Crow’s feet, frown and forehead wrinkles, and slightly raises the eyebrows upward, giving a look more relaxed and a youthful face. In addition also it can apply in the neck to relieve the platysmal muscle banding as a kind of cords.

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Anaesthesia is not required. Allergic testing is not required. It has excellent results in facial contour, giving a natural look. It can be applied at any time of the year. The results are visible between the third and fifth day and final in a fortnight.

Who can benefit?

The best candidates are those patients who have, essentially, wrinkles or facial furrows caused or aggravated by facial expression.

Equally, are good candidates those young patients with early expression wrinkles. And, in older people, generally used combined with other therapies such as filler products (hyaluronic).

Which technique is used? How long the operation lasts?

Once studied the situation of the patient, we need to plan which areas will be treated and which doses should be used in each zone. The process is done by injections at very low doses of the product with a very fine needle, which makes that the punctures are not painful.

The effect of the protein on muscle usually start in 48 hours, reach the maximum 5º – 7º at day keeping the maximum result for 4-5 months. At six months the relaxed musculature turn back to normal, given that during the fifth month its effect loses intensity.

What kind of secondary effects can we have?

Small bruises which disappear over the course of days and which are hidden with makeup but these are uncommon.

The effects of this protein can be accentuated in patients that are taking antibiotics of the Aminoglycoside group. However, it aborts or is weak in those taking Dpenicilamida, Cyclosporine, or quinolones. Its use is prohibited in patients with myasthenia gravis or Eaton Lambert syndrome. Although it is not shown that have adverse effects in pregnant patients, it is advisable to check that the patient is not pregnant.

When is contraindicated?

This is completely contraindicated during pregnancy or if you suffer certain neuromuscular diseases.

How many sessions are necessary?

In 10% of cases, small retouches are needed after the first session. Between session and session they must spend six months since this is the duration of the effect.