A varicose vein is an abnormal dilation of a vein independently from its diameter. That is why we can fine varicose veins from different sizes.

The concrete reason is not known, but we now that because of genetic or constitution factors, for reactionary physiological process, some situations or diseases (pregnancy, smoking…) any vein, mainly from legs (because of gravity) can suffer dilation.

Vascular sclerosis is the ideal treatment for small varicose veins (less than 1 or 2 mm diameter and not very palpable under the skin), vascular spiders, filaments… wherever they are located.

With the development of new treatments, we can state that basically all the varicose veins can be eliminated by sclerotherapy.


In our centre we count with the collaboration of a vascular surgeon who will inform you about the procedure to be followed.

  • Chemical sclerosis, injecting a liquid, called sclerosant, which create an effect that makes the vein occlude.
  • Criosclerosis, injecting sclerosants, previously treated, under temperatures of -30ºC, so that cold works needing less product and having less swelling.
  • Sclerosis with foam, injecting less sclerosants in a foam form, through its physic-chemical. More contact is obtained and consequently more effect.
  • Fotosclerosis, using very special luminal energy (laser and others), in order to obtain coagulation and collapse of vascular walls.

Vascular surgery

In case we have to treat big veins o real varicose veins, the ones depending from the saphenous system (insufficiency of internal or external saphenous veins) and those depending on other systems (residual, affluent or pierced) the treatment will be different; using surgery in order to eliminate the route which is has dilation (varicectomia) or all the route ( saphenectomy) depending on each case.