The excess of sweat or hyperhydrosis affects mainly the palm of the hand, armpits, face and the soles. This is a syndrome which affects deeply to the psychic status of individuals and it makes social relationships more difficult such as the ones in the professional sphere, due to the fact than sweat is produced in an interrupted way independently from the temperature and the emotional status.

The cause of this is not known but it is related to a hyperactivity of the sympathetic fibre and the increase of the peripheral sudomotor answer.

Treatment with botulinum toxin (Botox)

The effects of the treatment start to be noticed around 2 and four days after the injection, and the pathology completely disappears in one week, though the effect will last around 4 months. However, the solution comes from injecting another dose to see how sweating disappears again.

Excess of sweat in the armpit.

The advantage this technique presents compared to others is that it doesn’t required anaesthetic and you can carry on with your everyday life from the very beginning.

It is made through an injection of butolinum toxin – around 15 pinches in each armpit- with a very thin needle.

Excess of sweat in the hands.

Botox applied in the palms of the hands is more labourious and it requires local anaesthetic, so driving or any other manual activity after putting botox is not advisable. Botox is injected in 40 points under the palm skin because the working area of the toxin is small. Google