The Fue technique is considered as the most advanced Hair Implant technique currently. Its main advantage consists in extracting as individual way follicles from the donor area instead of removing a complete strip./p>


This technique of hair implant is performed under local anesthesia of the scalp and on an outpatient way; that is to say, the patient can go home when surgery finishes.

As an entire capillary procedure, it consists of two stages:

1st The follicular units extraction:

First, the surgeon makes the design of the receiving area. A fundamental aspect of this surgery is that the donor area must be totally shave to be able to extract with greater perfection the follicular units because a high surgical skill is required by the surgeon. In this way we extract follicular units of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair follicles through circular scalpels of microsurgery. All these follicular units are preserved in a solution of growth factors obtained from the blood of the patient for a higher degree of growth.

microinjertos capilares STRIP madrid solucion alopecia
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foto antes y despues trasplante pelo injertos de pelo para trasplante capilar

2nd Implementation of the follicular units:

This second phase requires extremely a fine instrumental of microsurgery. In addition to having the best surgical instruments, it will be essential that the surgeon performs the planting of hair follicles with an angle and a coherent direction with the different areas to graft, in order to promote a natural and realistic model.

So we will proceed with the graft from front to back, initially with single hair follicle and subsequently interspersing units of different number of hair follicles, always in the correct orientation so that the result will be that of a natural hair.Google