Capillary implant consists on transplanting follicular units from an occipital zone to the zone where there is lack of hair.

De follicular units have 1, 2 or 3 hair follicles depending from the area where this might be implanted in order to obtain the most natural result. It is obtained from the back part of the scalp, which is known as donor zone, later on they are put artistically in the zone where the hair is needed (receptor zone).

In order to isolate each of the follicular units a microscope of augmentations is used and afterwards a special tools for microsurgery is used to introduce the hair in the selected zone.


The follicular units from the occipital zone have less number of hormonal receptors and, therefore, the mail sexual hormones have less effect on them. That is why, when you move them from one place to another they are not affected by the male hormones and they grow in a normal way.

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Which kinds of alopecias are candidates in order to have autotransplanttion?

  • Male Androgenetic alopecia.
  • Some female Androgenetic alopecia.
  • Scar alopecia.
  • Correction from scars due to bad capillary transplantation).
  • Alopecia coming from certain capillary diseases.
  • Eyebrow alopecia coming from chemotherapy, traumas…
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Which will be the result?

Los aspectos fundamentales de un Implante de Pelo son la creación de una línea anterior de pelo de forma natural y obtener una densidad de pelo adecuada.

The main aspects from the hair implantation are creating a new first line of hair in a natural way and to obtain more density.

In order to do this, follicular units with only one hair are used so that the result looks more natural. This is one of the most difficult aspects and the one which requires more time. The line between the front and the scalp is progressive not abrupt. We will pass from having no hair to having more hair little by little so that the result is natural, in order to obtain this a lot of patience is needed as well as aesthetic criteria.Google