Years ago, breast fat injection has a really bad reputation-opinion due to the possibility of masking or making difficult any breast cancer diagnosis. Nowadays, this procedure has gained a place in plastic surgery field and it is more and more used after corroborating that there is no interference in the diagnosis and/or the treatment of any breast pathology.

Fat grafts (lipoestructure, lipoimplant, lipofilling…) have given us the possibility to improve plastic surgery results because with a few cc we can improve very important aspects.

The biggest inconvenient of this technique is that the patient must have enough body fat to be extracted as in any liposuction and be finally injected in her breasts. The fat from one or any areas (abdomen, flanks, internal and external thighs) of your anatomy will be aspirated with a specific technique and instruments. Afterwards, this fat will be processed by centrifugation and/or filtration for being injected in your breasts.

¿How is done breast augmentation with fat?

After having done the liposuction and fat preparation, three or four injection points are used crossing a lot of injection planes. The fat distribution can be individualized for any patients and for any breast giving more volume wherever is this need. Something to be emphasized is that normally it is necessary to do the procedure in two steps, or even three, because a percentage of the fat is reabsorbed.

The volume used behind the gland will increase the size and lift lightly the breast. The volume used below the skin will tighten it and gives a more turgescent aspect. Nevertheless, the biggest limitation of this procedure is that it can be used just a limited quantity of fat and, thus, the breast size achievable is limited. The quantity of fat to be injected in each breast will be limited by “what fits”, avoiding to exceed this restriction to assure a suitable survival and assure secondary effects.

Therefore, a breast lipofilling rarely will be able to obtain more than a breast cup size. However, this limitation can be surpassed doing more than a single stage lipoimplant, so that we will be adding amounts step by step.

This surgery can be done under local anaesthesia with sedation, o preferably, under general anaesthesia. The duration of this procedure is longer than with breast implants due to the added time of fat extraction by liposuction and the manipulation of this fat before injecting it meticulously. Thus, it will take around two hours of surgery.

¿How is the recovery period of a breast lipofilling?

As in any breast surgery procedure the postoperative consultations are very important. You will need mammography controls or even magnetic resonance to overlook the situation of this fat and you breast parenchyma (as any woman should do). Your gynaecologist will be able to realise the opportune overhauls as usual.

To date the calcifications that appear after a mammary increase by means of a lipoimplant can be differentiated with facility from the typical microcalcifications of breast cancer. A very high percentage of other breast surgeries (augmentation, reduction or mastopexy) also present calcifications post-operatively. Even patient without previous mammary surgeries can present calcifications. However, if in any mammography or a magnetic resonance calcifications or any suspicious signs of breast cancer were detected you would enter into a suitable protocol to realise more tests or even biopsies with any problem or limitation.

Since the mammary increase is undergone with the patient own tissues, the breast aging process (falling) will be totally natural. Google