Manual Lymphatic Drainage is based on ‘fine stimuli’ with move the lymphatic system respecting its natural way. This technique uses very specific manoeuvre which must be done by a very specialised person on lymphatic system and conjunctive tissues knowledge.

Manoeuvres will be done through specific pressure in concrete anatomic areas and under enough repetition and cadente, in order to stimulate lymphatic Wessel and also smooth enough in order not to alter its system and movement.

Because of this and as a secondary effect we will feel much more relaxed and comfort and it will decrease the stress levels in the organism, very common after surgery.

Our system creates around 10-25litres lymph, from which around 10-15 go though our heart to be ‘purified’.


Educational video:

Lymphatic drainage after breast augmentation

The lymphatic system is a vein communicating structure which is all around our body.

It basic function is to reabsorb and evacuate all the substances our body doesn’t’ want and created every day. This substances are those such as: interstitial liquid, cellular metabolism products, lipids, proteins, bacteria, virus…

This substances reabsorbed by the lymphatic system will be transported by the veins to the lymphatic glanglions and this is called lymphatic liquid of lymph.

The lymphatic vessels cannot contract, and its walls aren’t as formed as the blood vessels or veins or artery, so in some cases where more liquid than normal is created as it happens after surgery our body needs external help in order to move properly and evacuate the lymth. In this case the Manual Lymphatic drainage is the adequate therapy in order to restore the normal parameters from the system.