Protocol of Post-Operative treatment

The postoperative treatment after a facial or cervical lifting is essence. We will make a ACCELERATED POSTOPERATIVE RECOVERY (APR), meticulously designed for the early treatment of sensitive body area.

We will begin with HOSPITAL IMMEDIATE PHYSIOTHERAPY (HIP) the next day of the intervention. We will make the first maneuvers of MLD (MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE), which will be the cornerstone of the protocol, since the complex facial anatomy and the special conformation of the lymphatic vessels at this level, so required.

When making incisions around the ear, the lymph vessels that carry lymphatic fluid to the lateral cervical and preauricular area are sectioned.

Therefore, we must promote lymphatic drainage by channels and lymph ganglions in the center of the face and immediately below the chin, submental.

In addition to the MLD, we will act in a multidisciplinary way, to avoid possible secondary disorders to this type of surgery, such as superficial bruises, headaches, neck and even some temporary headache.


We will use therapies such as:

MASSOTHERAPY SURFACE OF EVACUATION: We will make soft massage in the areas where the bruises are most evident. You can use any cream to speed the disappearance of unsightly bruises.

MYOFASCIAL INDUCTION: This innovative therapy will correct the facial tension caused by the stress of the intervention, both facial and cranial, is a very relaxing technique that will provide rest and tranquility to the organism.

The ACCELERATED POSTOPERATIVE RECOVERY (APR), in the case of treatment after a facelift, the patient gets a postoperative convenient and comfortable, considerably reducing the normal pain caused by the intervention in a sensitive area.

The treatment ends when the patient performs all activities of her daily live with absolute normality, both at work and in her leisure time. Google