What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia consists of an increase of the breast tissue in the male.
This can affect a single breast or both. Although, there are certain medicines or some medical problems can be linked to the overdevelopment of the male breast. In the vast majority of cases there is no known cause.
The procedure removes fat and glandular tissue of the breasts and in extreme cases also removes excess skin, resulting a firm, and well contoured chest.

Is the surgery that I want? Is this surgery effective?

Those males who present an increase of the breast volume are susceptible to surgical treatment. The best result is obtained when the skin is elastic and firm and adapts to the new body contouring, otherwise will be required the removal of skin and mammary gland.
We advise against surgery in obese or overweight men that have not tried first correcting the problem with exercise or weighting loss. They are not good candidates, individuals who take alcohol in excess or smoke hashish. These drugs along with anabolic steroids may cause gynecomastia. Therefore, these patients should change habits previously to see if the fullness of his breast decreases, before considering surgery.

Planning surgery

During the first consultation the Dr. Guilarte will make one complete medical history by examining his breasts and looking for possible causes of gynecomastia, such as altered hepatic function, use of medication containing estrogen or use of anabolic steroids. If a medical problem is suspected as a cause, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist prior to your surgical treatment.

Once we know how much fat and how much glandular tissue your breast contains, you can choose the appropriate surgical technique.

We will give you instructions on how to prepare, including aspects such as time of fasting and attitude to continue with medication that you must take or require.

Surgery and anaesthetics

Gynecomastia surgery is usually performed as outpatient that is to say you will go home after the intervention. The surgery usually takes about an hour and a half. However, in special cases it can last longer.

The correction of augmented breast in men is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

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Local + Sedation or General anesthesia.
Duration of the procedure:
1-2 hours
Discharge in the afternoon.
You must wait:
Bruise until the 2nd- 3rd week.
Final result:
3-6 months.
Duration of result:
Permanent, except new hormonal disorder.

You will be awake, relaxed and without feeling pain. More extensive corrections may require general anesthesia, allowing the patient to sleep through the entire operation.We will discuss with you which option is the most recommended in its case and why.

If the glandular excess is the primary cause of breast augmentation, this must be removed with a scalpel. The incision is made in an inconspicuous area – on the flange of the areola-working through this incision, excess glandular tissue is removed.

If due to an increase in fatty tissue, liposuction is used to remove the excess fat.

The temporary side effects of breast reduction include decreased cutaneous sensation in the breast, which can take up to a year to recover.

Whether the excision has been with scalpel or liposuction, you will feel some discomfort a few days after the surgery. However, the discomfort can be controlled with medication.

After surgery (Post-operative)

Meanwhile, it is important to return to your normal life. You should gradually recover and return to your habitual activity when you feel well – that might be in one to two days after surgery-.

We will advise you to limit your physical activity at first, avoiding heavy exercises during three weeks.Google