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The result of an augmentation mammoplasty will depend on the hands of the surgeon and the choice of the, that is to say, equal in its top and bottom portion. For that reason, we refill in the same way the upper and lower poles. breast implant. Therefore, you should not forget that the aesthetic concept and the surgical skills of your surgeon are equally decisive.

Among the different options of breast prosthesis, these are the aspects which can vary:

  • BRAND: In Spain, it is forbidden to advertise a brand or medical product. However, the personal opinions of each surgeon are perfectly reproducible. Therefore, among the majority of plastic surgeons are recognized that the best implants, both national and international, are the Allergan and Mentor.
  • SHAPE: breast implants can be round or anatomical.
  • ROUND. They are spherical, that is to say, equal in its top and bottom portion. For that reason, we refill in the same way the upper and lower poles. Generally are employed in those women who want a breast more refilled in the upper part of the breast. However, it is important to point out that these implants are much more limited if you want to vary the shape of the breast, or correct certain aspects of the breast.
  • ANATOMICAL. They are also known as drop or teardrop shape. In these, the point of maximum projection is not in the middle of the prosthesis, but lower, taking the lower pole a more rounded shape. These implants have many more variables to determine (height, width, projection, lower pole distance) and, therefore, this choice is more complex and delicate. However, the domain of this type of implants allows us to go much further in an intervention of breast augmentation or breast lift.
  • CONTENTS: We have two types of implants:
    • COHESIVE SILICONE GEL. The cohesive gels of higher quality are known as “gels with stable form”. These gels maintain their shape in case of breaking its sheath and its content has not got migratory capacity. Its touch is variable depending on the degree of cohesiveness.
    • SERUM. From our point of view these prosthesis are obsolete. Besides their results are lower and its touch is much harder so its instructions are very restricted.
    • SURFACE :One of the current problems is the legislation in regards to the roughness or surface texturing of the implant. Thus, each manufacturer has its own pore diameter resulting in prosthesis with a roughness better or worse quality. This is something fundamental, show to our patients the differences of quality in roughness of each brand.
    • ROUGH. The advantage of roughness is the lowest rate of capsular contracture. The drawback is requiring a more accurate surgical dissection for the positioning since this roughness serves for the breast implant adheres to what surrounds you.
    • SMOOTH. These implants are simpler to implant. These breasts have greater mobility given that being smooth do not adhere to the breast. This greater mobility is very positive at first, but their behavior is that of a breast of more weight resulting in a further decline in the breast and, therefore, a less durable result given their lack of consistency over time. Also these types of implants have a higher risk of irregularities and capsular contracture.
    • PROJECTION OR PROFILE: means what excels the prosthesis from the thorax, that is, the distance from the base of the implant to the point of maximum projection. This aspect depends mainly of the result that desired the patient who determines the projection in the volume test. However, an important aspect to assess is the length of the lower pole of the breast desired, that is to say, the distance from the nipple to the submammary furrow. Google