Protocol of Post-Operative treatment

The postoperative treatment after a breast lift (Mastopexy) or a reduction of breast (breast reduction) is essential for a correct development of surgery, as well as for the patient to have a recovery as pleasant and early as possible.

Both procedures are very similar. The techniques are virtually the same, what distinguishes them are greater proportions and elevations to be carried out on the basis of the clinical case.

The ACCELERATED POSTOPERATIVE RECOVERY provides us with those two maxims, on the one hand we focus on the breast edema underlying after any surgical intervention and on the other hand, we use techniques that make the complete protocol treatment, we will achieve a very comfortable post-operative.

The main goal will be therefore the reabsorption and evacuation of postsurgical breast edema, which accumulates around the breasts and causes a “hurt” tension. At this stage, we will use mainly and in a very early way (the day after the intervention of breast augmentation, at the hospital) and the MLD (MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE), which consists of a “fine movements” in very specific places of the anatomy of the breast and axillary, and which must be always carried out by physiotherapists trained in this complex technique.

The first days of treatment you will notice effects as “visible” and deeper in your breasts through the MLD, basically we accelerate the movement of the lymphatic system, saturated due to the intervention by the increase of waste substances that must absorb and evacuate.

When the physical therapist and the plastic surgeon, usually on the fifth day since the intervention, if they believe it appropriate, they will use different therapeutic techniques, such as:

KINESIO TAPE or NEUROMUSCULAR TAPING:Revolutionary technique in the field of the operational recovery of plastic surgery, and based on the careful placement of a “tapes”, with directions and stresses very defined depending upon which area of the body you want to influence, the physiotherapist must have a deep knowledge of this singular treatment technique. The “KINESIO” will provide us an amazing improvement over breast edema, about the scars and the movement implant breast-muscle so important so that the result is as natural as possible.

MYOFASCIAL INDUCTION: Other new technique of protocol of post-operative accelerated recovery, therapy with a great power of relaxation and essentially it works over the breast fascial tissue, so important in the movement of our muscles, skin, organs … etc. Through synchronization between the hands of the therapist and the patient’s breathing, we will succeed mobilizing deep tissues, which will help the correct positioning of mammary prostheses and the formation of a capsule of quality. Also in the course of the therapy the patient will achieve a degree of relaxation very satisfying and essential, so necessary after a breast augmentation.

OSTEOPHATIC MANUAL THERAPY: We will use our knowledge in osteopathy in the first hours after intervention, in order to minimize the discomfort at the level of the back and neck, as well as the joint of the shoulder. Using gentle manoeuvres of mobilization and postural changes, we will give to these joints of its correct movement since it will have been altered. We will also provide the patient, knowledge about what exercises and movements can be done and what exercises should not do in the first few days after surgery.

The treatment ends when the patient performs all activities of her daily live with absolute normality, both at work and in her leisure time.

In general, thanks to this thorough and studied treatment protocol (RPA) after 8-10 sessions over 3 weeks of treatment the patient will be fully recovered from the intervention and she will enjoy her new image with all the guarantees of a job perfectly done. Google