All our patients are anesthetized under the same team of anesthesiologists in which we place our trust. The reason for this is the patient’s safety and the quality of anesthesia.


They have developed policies and actions related to the safety of patients, with special emphasis on the prevention and control of intraoperative complications.


We have as custom that those procedures that require general anesthesia make it through LMA, laryngeal mask airway, so we do not have the necessity of make an endotracheal intubation as in the past.


In addition the modern anesthetic agents we use, such as isoflurane, sevoflurane, fentanyl and propofol have invalidated the objections that patients were indicating before facing general anesthesia given that we have greater control in their blood pressure, a decrease in the risk of bleeding and edema, decreased of cardiac irritability… Besides, the maintenance of hemodynamic parameters suitable for the surgery can prevent post-operative deterioration.



Medical expert in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation:


foto dr ignacio pinazo osuna medico especialista en anestesiologia y reanimacion



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