Ideally, your recovery after surgery must be as fast and comfortable as possible. Postoperative care of our patients is Essentials for the success of the surgery itself. Although it is not possible to eradicate discomfort, nowadays it is possible to have very little pain and a quick come back to normal life. We are working to improve this technique, the Accelerated Postoperative recovery protocol . .

This system allows our patients to go back to their non-exhausting normal activities in 48-72 hours time, and reduce the need of drugs significantly.

We do it before and after surgery; we will tell you the kind of exercise-movements you should do in order to reduce swelling and muscle tension, so that your recovery is faster.

This multidisciplinary method between surgeon, anaesthesiologist and physiotherapist makes our patients experience much more gratifying, because we transform a negative experience such as the postoperative into a coordinated process.

The skin antiseptics application before surgery with the physiotherapy treatments after surgery will make healing faster.

Before starting with the postoperative treatment we set a physiotherapy programme in order to smooth your discomfort, reduce swelling and accelerate and reset your functions. Among the different alternative we count with:

  • Lymphatic drainage : it consists on favouring drainage from the lymphatic system through smooth and repeated massage in order to drain or move the edema after surgery and favour tissues. This treatment can only be done by a physiotherapist. The main am is to activate lymphatic circulation so that germs don’t’ stay in the body.
  • Kinesiotherapy: this technique is based on the treatment of body lesions through movement and it is preventive and healing. We enhance movement conditions through special bandage promoting all its capacities. Its main benefit is preventing and eliminating possible adhesions because of bad Ealing and avoiding muscle contracture and tension.
  • Ultrasounds: they are acoustic waves which frequency is higher that the one which can be heard by the human ear (20.000 HZ). They are beneficial for your body because they provoke physiological effects in your organism (fibrinolytic action, thermic and vasodilator). This has been shown really beneficial preventing and treating possible capsular contractures after breast augmentation.

Educational video:

Kinesiotaping after breast augmentation

  • Massage therapy: it is the use of different massage techniques with therapeutic purpose (circulatory massage, drainage massage, aesthetic massage, descontracturing massage…).
  • Myofascial Induction: muscular relaxation techniques because of the movement of the muscle, releasing from restrictions created by surgery and recovering the muscle balance.
  • Electrotherapy: it is the use of electric currents with therapeutic purposes due to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and strengthening neuromuscular effects.
  • Pressure therapy:it consists on emitting pressure waves of different magnitude in order to favour lymphatic and vein drainage.