Protocol of Post-Operative treatment

The post-operative treatment alter surgery is Essentials but it is even more important when the face is affected, and that is why we will have an accelerated post-operative recovery, specially and thoroughly designed for and early treatment is this delicate area

We will get started with HOSPITAL IMMEDIATE PHYSIOTHERAPY (HIP) the next day of the intervention. The first MLD (MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE) will be done, being the main part of the protocol because of the complexity of facial anatomy.

The face lymphatic vessels are parallel to facial and jugular veins. but in its way we can also find ganglionic groups: preauticular ganglions or parotid which receive lymph from the front and the outer half of the eyelids, and facial ganglions which carry lymph from the inner part of the eyelids, the nose, the lips and the chin. From both, lymph is carried to the jugular ganglions of the neck, which make a chain around each of the jugular veins and finally drain lymph form veins.


Apart from Manual Lymphatic Drainage, we will act in a multidisciplinary way, in order to avoid secondary disruptions in this kind of surgery such as superficial bruises, neck pain and even headache.

In order to avoid all this we will use therapies such as:

EVACUATION SUPERFICIAL MASSAGE THERAPY: Light massage is done in the areas where bruises are more evident. Some cream could be used but never directly in the nose. In this way we will accelerate the disappearance of anti aesthetic bruises.

MYOFASCIAL INDUCTION: This innovative therapy will correct the facial tension caused by the stress of the intervention, both facial and cranial, is a very relaxing technique that will provide rest and tranquility to the organism.

The ACCELERATED POSTOPERATIVE RECOVERY (APR), alter rhynoplasty offers our patients an incredibly comfortable post-operative, reducing normal discomfort alter surgery substancially.

Treatment will be finished when our patient will carry on with the normal activities in daily life in work and leasure. Google